The FitBit Arrives

June 5, 2012

Read about this in WIRED some months back and wanted to try it out for myself – a FitBit tracker. So I placed an order and Amazon got it to me in four days (from US to Malaysia…fast!).

FitBit just out of the box

The idea is you slip the FitBit device into your pocket and walk around with it at all times and it’ll track your motion and count how many steps you’ve taken, approximate how many storey’s you’ve climbed and how well you’ve slept last night.

I’m not much of a health nutter (lack of willpower), but I AM a stats and numbers person and the thought of having some form of “accurate” analytics about my daily habits is intriguing.

The plastic bit you put into your pocket is only half of the product. The rest of it is on where you can create your own profile and have the tracker track vital statistics and automatically update.

FitBit Dashboard

You can also log your activities (say, jogging or elliptical training) and the food you eat. This will generate a rough guide to the calories in and calories out. As of now, I’ve burned about 1,593 calories of the 2,184 goal I have today.

Apparently the FitBit will also track your sleep patterns, when you wear it around your wrist. Based on your movement (I think it supposes tossing and turning as a sign of poor quality sleep), it tells you how well and how long you slept last night. While you may think the information is obvious, it keeps record of this over the course of your lifetime an you’ll be interested to know, say, for 2012 you only slept an average of 5 hours a day.

The bit is just fresh out of the bag right now, but I’m really enthused to get it going and figure out what I’m doing with all my excess energy. Will come back in a bit with a bit more perspective on Health 2.0.

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  • LiewCF

    looks cool. how’s the battery life like?

    • David Lian

      It’s reportedly 5 – 7 days. I’ll report back on this in the follow-up post.

  • Paul Tan

    how did u get them to ship to malaysia? i just tried, cannot!

    • LiewCF

      some 3rd party sellers on Amazon do ship to Malaysia

    • LiewCF

      some 3rd party sellers on Amazon do ship to Malaysia

    • David Lian

      Paul, it ships for me. Have to use priority shipping though. I’m about to order a FitBit Aria in a couple of days, you wanna join order?

      • Paul Tan

        bila you order? let me know!

        • David Lian

          Gonna order next Monday. Send me a text or DM me on Twitter. We split shipping costs.

  • Yuen-Chi Lian

    Feel like getting one. Stats person too (and I still remember those days I tracked my sleeping time manually). *5*

    • David Lian

      I love it man. I think it would fit you perfectly. The stats aren’t perfectly accurate, but it’s great!

  • KY-

    i’m interested to see the progress :D

  • kb

    dear sir how much the price in m

    • David Lian

      It cost me about RM 420. (inclusive of the shipping from Amazon)

  • Kb

    sorry, I was quite interested in fitbit ultra, but i cant manage to find it in malaysia, how much it cost you in myr along with the shipping fees?

    • David Lian

      Definitely can’t find in Malaysia. Buy it from Amazon!

  • Rambling Mind

    Thinking of getting this or something from Beurer.  Any updates please?

    • David Lian

      Here’s an update. I love it. It’s an awesome device and just by making me more aware of calories I’m taking in and have lost something like 5 kgs.

  • KK

    Just wondering whether you bought the Aria weighing scale. How much did it cost for shipment to Malaysia from Amazon?

  • Nikeow

    buy from amazon? they ship to msia? or you use a fwd service?