Lego Star Wars Planet Collections – or, oh look! New toys.

February 22, 2012

Picked me up some cool new Lego Star Wars toys today. Haven’t really had the time to open them up, but thought I’d post some pictures here first. Got them at Toys R’ Us. Check out the gallery of pics below:

Quick “thoughts-before-the-review”: RM 50 actually feels a little steep for what amounts to a printed plastic ball and about 50gms of plastic. You get the feeling you’re really paying a premium because they are: 1) Lego, 2) Star Wars and 3) Collectible. The figures aren’t the most iconic Star Wars figures, leaving the Death Star as the most iconic piece of plastic Lego you’ll get. In fact, by the time I went to Toys R’ Us, there were only 4 pieces of the Death Star left.

A thought that struck me as I felt my hand reaching to my wallet as if possessed by some unnatural force, was that it’s products like this that best demonstrate the power and amazing value of a brand. Quite literally, making plastic, worth its weight in gold.

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  • Yimei Lim

    Ahh I love this. Been dying to get star wars lego for the longest time but have not cause so expensive. This was within budget. Gotten the death star one but I wish it was more detailed. Not too keen on the other two but I guess I’ll get it when I have the cash to complete the set. Here’s what I did with mine