Judging the DiGi WWWoW awards

May 28, 2012

Looking at all the entries at the DiGi WWWoW and it’s inspired me to make a comeback to blogging. Rather than sit on my behind and let the moment pass, thought I’d blog right now:


Some thoughts:
– Blogging seems to still be going strong – plenty of blogs I hadn’t read about, but seemed to have an audience.
– There was a clear gulf between blogs that knew what they wanted to do, and the blogs that didn’t. Those that had a clear audience and theme in mind were simply much more effective.
– Some blogs still have banner ads all over the place like its 1998. Seriously?
– Social plugins on some blogs seem to be all over the place and sometimes obscures the view of important content, something to think about before going gaga over plugins.
– Loading times… Having to browse through something like 40+ sites made me really take notice of loading times. Too many pictures in high resolution on your front page will irritate people browsing your site.
– And finally, I’m no grammar nazi, but I’m still a big fan of writing in readable English ( or whatever language you use) instead of abbreviations.

Comments aside, I’m thinking I need to take my own advice about blogging too and just get stuck in again. Let’s see how this goes.

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  • mia liana

    wow! nice sharing. thanks for giving me the opportunity to be in top 10 nuffnang blogger of the year. also thanks to all of the judges. will take these comments into consideration.

  • David Lian

    Thanks Mia. Congrats on being a finalist!