I have Google Music beta invites to give away

August 9, 2011

Yup, what the post says. FOUR spanking invites to Google Music. I’d like to give props to ShamHardy for the original invite.

Have not yet tried adding my own songs onto Google Music, but here are some quick thoughts:

  • Love the interface. It’s clean and swish and gets the job done. Particularly love the big icons with album art.
  • Best part? It runs entirely inside your Chrome Window. Cloud computing FTW!
  • Search is fast and simple. As it should be. The songs that you can add for free into your library are already pre-tagged so you don’t really have to bother organising them into folders. Tags and searching works best.
  • I  never use playlists, so Google Music isn’t going to make me start.
  •  The Android App syncs up nicely with the account – I had no hiccups. Just selected the Google Account I was running on my Android device, and it syncs over the library. You can “bookmark” songs to be able to download and play them offline too.
  • There’s no “real” store – it’s more like a collection of places to buy music from online. Which I didn’t mind. One afternoon of listening to the free music has convinced me that there’s some pretty good stuff out there that music labels don’t pick up.
  • The way it’s supposed to work is that you upload your music, Google stores it and matches it to what it knows about the music (album art and tags and all) and you get to play it anytime, anywhere.
I think Google Music is really nifty and certainly beats having bloated iTunes software on my PC. Way to go.
Oh, if you wanted those invites too, drop me a comment or tweet me. You know where to find me.
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