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ZENO Group Malaysia

Hello Zeno!

Published December 2, 2013

I start today at Zeno Group Malaysia. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe the tingles I’m feeling right now. Nothing beats the smell of fresh paint on a newly renovated office, nor the sheer excitement

So long Text100, thanks for all the fish!

Published November 27, 2013

It’s my last day at Text100. And in many ways, it’s hard to say goodbye. The past seven years have been a wonderful journey with the people from the best agency to work with in

Needed: Google+ fogeys to join club

Published July 9, 2012

I booted back into Google+ on my mobile over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the facelift Google gave the app a while back. Seriously, it looks really nice now from a UI

Social Media and the Job Market

Published June 19, 2012

There was an interesting article published on Digital News Asia today on job-hunting, and the impact social media has had on that “common” activity. For the most part, I think Asohan got it right.

FitBit Dashboard

The FitBit Arrives

Published June 5, 2012

Read about this in WIRED some months back and wanted to try it out for myself – a FitBit tracker. So I placed an order and Amazon got it to me in four days

Judging the DiGi WWWoW awards

Published May 28, 2012

Looking at all the entries at the DiGi WWWoW and it’s inspired me to make a comeback to blogging. Rather than sit on my behind and let the moment pass, thought I’d blog right

Lego Star Wars Planet Series 1 Set

Lego Star Wars Planet Collections – or, oh look! New toys.

Published February 22, 2012

Picked me up some cool new Lego Star Wars toys today. Haven’t really had the time to open them up, but thought I’d post some pictures here first. Got them at Toys R’ Us.

Responses on KFC's Facebook Fanpage

This is how it’s gonna be from now on.

Published February 9, 2012

In case you haven’t caught it, a video about a KFC staff socking a customer right to his face made the rounds on the interwebs yesterday. Obviously, this led to a horde of people posting,

A blog post about a blog post

Published February 3, 2012

Here you have it. An original, a blog post about a blog

Watch: A Game of Thrones

Watch: A Game of Thrones

Published August 12, 2011

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been burning through George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series again, thanks largely to the most excellent television adaptation of A Game of Thrones. Having